5 beauty tricks that our grandmothers used

What did our grandmothers use to stay beautiful? There is a question on which many of we have pus -o. Before before the appearance of creams, hair products and of make-up on each shelf, what were those tricks they used to take care of them?

We have gathered here tips and recipes of beauty used by our grandmothers for decades in follow .

1. Nettle juice

Since when me I know , grandma my keep water in which boiled nettles. “ Take mother to you wash your head with she to - and grow and your hair ! ”

It has been proven that nettles fortify root of hair and of this reason, using tea of ​​ nettle at scalp level, not more you lose so many yarns of hair .

2. Steam bath

Many I've heard of this "cure babbling ". Pour boiled water into a bowl or tea from different plants, kept their faces bent above steam and and they put a towel in chap.

Bathroom with steam more is used and today in many salons, but has a more fuzzy name - "steamer". Steam open pores and clean skin in depth.

3. Beer for hair ?

One other ingredient for hair beauty was beer . After washing their hair, our grandmothers gave themselves beer time for 5-10 minutes , after which rinsed well - ie made hair more shiny and silky.

4. Juice of red on nose for black dots

It's simple - take a red , a clean of shell , a crush and apply nose (where o leave cam 10-15 minute ). I one I tried , but I can say that my nose has not changed in -a Hollywood nose. It says that tomatoes dry blackheads, acting as an antiseptic. Who knows , maybe in the time of our grandparents tomatoes were much May bio and much more "antiseptic"

5. Exfoliation with bran of wheat

Grandma my told me that exfoliate on face and on neck with bran of wheat ”says Ana on a dedicated form care natural. And indeed, coffee ground , sugar or bran of wheat are still used for properties of cleaning and gum.

You what other recipes of care traditional more do you know ?