The Benefits of Floral Water

What is floral water?

Floral waters, hydrolates, are obtained through the process of steam distillation of plants, a process that is also applied to obtain essential oils. Thus, they contain a concentration of 2-3% micromolecules of essential oil, the rest of the composition being microbiologically pure water. The great advantage of floral waters is that they retain exactly the properties of the plant from which they come.

What does REFRESH floral water from Humance contain?

We wanted our floral water to provide cleansing, hydration and shine. We know that many women have sensitive skin, which refuses many cosmetic brands that use chemicals. Thus, I chose lavender floral water. Lavender floral water is the perfect ally for sensitive, irritated or acne prone skin.

It has astringent, calming, regenerating and purifying action.

Recipe idea, using floral water REFRESH:

Moisturizing and smoothing tonic

Mix 25 ml of lavender floral water 1 drop of peppermint essential oil. Add a tablespoon of clay (green montmorillonite) and let the mixture infuse overnight. You can use this tonic the very next day after straining the liquid. Shake well before use and store in the refrigerator for a maximum of 3 or 4 days. Lavender has soothing and astringent properties, and mint cools and closes pores.