Our story

Who are we?

I created Humance Cosmetics out of the desire to encapsulate a drop of the miracle that nature created. Every ingredient, every compound is organic and comes directly from nature. We want you to know her, to leave yourself in her hands and to embrace the gifts she has for us. We are just her messenger to you.

Humance products are transposed into your life through a ritual: either our serum gives you the relaxation you need, or our body butter turns into a pleasant moment of hydration after the shower or the exfoliant becomes a Friday night custom.

Humance is part of the lives of those who use it, and we want to give them a moment of peace, a moment of care and self-love.

We are two young entrepreneurs who started Humance Cosmetics out of a passion for nature, simplicity and beauty. Being similar in vision and values: quality, responsibility and integrity, we decided to join forces to create what we call today Humance - organic products, for you.


Clara & Andra