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AHA Fruit Acid Serum

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I gladly created for your skin a serum that combines the power of nature with the scientific progress , for as you to you you can enjoy a healthy complexion and radios.

Serum with fruit acids and glycolic acid from to Humance reduces the appearance of blemishes and of skin discoloration in time which reveals a brighter looking skin. Exfoliates Gently the skin, cleansing the layers of dead skin and revealing a more complexion brighter, more uniform and more elastic. At the same time , it fights and prevents acne.

  • reduces the appearance of stains and of discoloration
  • cleans dead skin
  • fights and prevents acne
  • stimulates collagen production
  • ten mai bright

How to use : Apply in the evening , after skin cleansing . We recommend applying the Organic Serum with sea buckthorn & light of the series later for the best results.

Ingredients : water, glycolic acid, fruit acids, vegetable glycerin, carbomer - agent thickening , benzyl alcohol preservative

Quantity : 25 ml